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    1. Col (U) Haji Haszahaidi Haji Ahmad Daud (Brunei)
    2. Masridah Haji Mahmud (Brunei)
    3. Masliza Mazlan (Malaysia)
    4. Mastulah Nakalule (Uganda)
    5. Fayiz Abed Alfattah Badran (Jordan)

    Masridah Haji Mahmud

    Masridah binti Hj Mahmud has been serving Brunei Darussalam Government for over a decade starting as Forestry Officer right after her graduation. She worked at Forestry Department for 4 years prior to becoming a Municipal Officer at Bandar Seri Begawan. Her forestry managerial field included Heart of Borneo Initiative management and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) marking as one of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2018. At present, Masridah Mahmud works closely with multilateral government department and various stakeholders in implementing Bandar Seri Begawan Development Master Plan (BSBDMP) at Municipal Department. In order to facilitate BSBDMP as part of ‘Whole of Nation’ approach, Masridah Mahmud sees the paramount importance of integrating reasonable and workable policy framework for better implementation. The existing policy requires explicit design and understanding of local governance, institution and public interests. Therefore, she decided to take Master of Public Policy and Management at Universiti Brunei Darussalam that can bring her into profound policy world view.

    Currently, Masridah Mahmud is spending her second semester at Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California Berkeley studying Master in Public Policy. She is learning public policy interdisiciplinary approach alongside with practicum that can bring her to the next level. In addition, the learning environment at University of California Berkeley comprises of various teaching methods that enables her to participate actively. BSBDMP needs solid support and active participation from multilateral government department, institution and stakeholders that can transform Bandar Seri Begawan into a sustainable city. To do this, a holistic approach is required to determine baseline evidence that can formulate better policy. Masridah Mahmud recognized it as a potential seed embedded in Bandar Seri Begawan ultimately in green growth development. Hence, she spurs her interest in green growth development policy with great assistance of both Universiti Brunei Darussalam and University of California Berkeley. To start with initial planning, Masridah Mahmud hopes to contribute her effort in formulating simple and workable policy for green growth development. Along the line, she hopes to working together with multilateral government department, institution and stakeholders in building city planning institution collectively and inclusively. Together, she aims to deliver her work that can be part of ‘Whole of Nation’ approach.

    Masliza Mazlan

    Mas Liza is currently completing her Master in Public Policy and Management at Institute Policy Studies, University Brunei Darussalam. The courses have required her to be in Spring Semester at Georgetown University. She acquires an early interest in Public Policy during her exchange study program in Washington DC, USA. She developed a curious mind in the public policy field when she got the chance to communicate with some of the diplomats during her stay in DC. Upon returning to Malaysia, she pursued a Diploma in Public Administration (2012) and furthered to a Degree in BA (Hon.) Corporate Administration from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Upon completion, she was offered a job as an Economic Executive (Assistant Director) at the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), a government agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). She was there for five (5) years and was responsible for analysing investors’ capabilities and strengths of setting up businesses in Malaysia. She was assigned to evaluate investments in Research & Development, Business Services, and Advanced Technology specifically in Industrial Revolution 4.0 for grants and tax exemptions applications of potential investors. She was also part of the think-tank group for developing and establishing new investment policies.

    Her policy paper deals with the environment specifically on the tourism sustainability of Langkawi Island. Her motivation is based on her experience working with MIDA where she realized that there was a gap between development and the environment within the current policy. Therefore, she hopes that her policy paper would be able to shed some lights on having a balance between the development and the environment. Her future plan includes embarking the Ph.D. journey in public policy, focuses on tourism settings. She hopes that one day to become an academician and an expert in the field.

    Mastulah Nakalule

    Six years of service in AIDS Health Care Foundation (AHF)-Uganda Cares, as a public health officer majoring in Care, management and treatment of families living with HIV/AIDS, she participated in organizational project implementation, management, health systems research, drug inventory, stock management and staff supervision. The MPPM course offered by IPS, UBD has equipped her with essential knowledge and skills to identify existing policy problems, develop solutions, implement them as well as do monitoring and evaluation. With a career goal of becoming a practically and academically excellent practitioner of policy and governance, it required an institution with renowned scholars & practitioners, having diverse real- world experiences, broad expertise in economic, social and political issues to significantly nurture students as great future policy analysts. McCourt school of public policy, Georgetown university, Washington D.C is fit for this purpose, offering her elective courses in women & leadership, Health policy and Sustainable Development all of which are essential for building a firm foundation of policy and governance needed by developing nations such as Uganda. The public policy analysis project; “ELIMINATION OF MOTHER TO CHILD TRANSMISSION OF HIV: RETENTION OF HIV EXPOSED INFANTS INTO CARE”. Globally, 6000 adolescent girls and young women become infected with HIV every week, which implies an increased risk of transmission to innocent children during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. This creates a motivation for analysing, designing and strengthening health policies that ensure no innocent child has to deal with the burden of living with HIV/AIDS, being passed onto them from their mothers. Upon completion of studies, she will extensively engage policy players in the evaluation, design, analysis and implementation of policies that seek to promote citizen well-being and prosperity at both National and global level.

    Fayiz Badran

    Fayiz Badran is a current Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) student at the Institute of Policy Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Philadelphia University. Fayiz has previously worked as an Accountant at LJT School in Jordan for two years from 2013 to 2015. He was mainly engaged in conducting research, analysis of accounting data, and preparation of financial reports for the management. He also worked with Garden City Construction Jordan, Amman where he served as an operations manager in charge of planning, managing and overseeing the daily working of construction operations management. His recent employment was with U-Save Car & Truck Rental in Jordan where he worked as an operations officer for three years (2016 to 2019). Through his career, Fayiz engaged business with embassies, international originations such as the UN, IMF, WO, ICRC. Therefore, he developed a good experience and the ability to make critical decisions as well as maintain good relations with in these originations. His research interests are in policy studies, economics, and international relations analysis as well as local and international human rights. His goal and passion are to become an expert in public policy and governance.

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